The Impaired Driver Care Management Program (IDCMP) at Southeastern NH Services is a contract program with the NH Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services (BDAS). Our program is designed for those individuals who are required to attend and successfully complete a state approved DWI, OUI or DUI Program. Additionally, the IDCMP Program will satisfy all New Hampshire DWI conviction types (first offense, aggravated, Underage, DWI Reduced to Reckless Operation with an IDCMP requirement, and subsequent conviction outcomes). The components of the New Hampshire IDCMP program include:

  • 2 hour Intake and Screening
  • 2.5 hour Substance Use Disorder Evaluation Assessment & Service Plan
  • 20 hour DWI Education Classes presented by Prevention Research Institute (PRI)
  • Aftercare Counseling

Please call 603-516-8160 for the current class schedule

Please note that the requirements associated with the above components are based upon conviction type, and the NH state Health Rule guidelines, which determine the need for component services. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept insurances to cover the costs related to the Impaired Driver Care Management Program components (aka. intake, evaluation, education classes, care management, or administrative fees).

Additionally, our agency is an approved Impaired Driver Service Provider (IDSP) designed to assist those individuals mandated by a NH IDCMP to attend Aftercare counseling services resulting from Service Plan requirements. We are also able to provide treatment and evaluation services to clients attempting to satisfy Aftercare requirements from other state DWI Programs.

IDSP Aftercare counseling and evaluation services are reimbursable through most insurance carriers, and we encourage clients to contact us for details regarding any questions related to their carriers, and their carrier plans.

IDCMP Program Fee Structure

$75             Intake Interview

$70             State Administrative Fee (money order only)

$200           IDCMP Substance Use Disorder Evaluation

$300           Impaired Driver~ 20 hour Prime for Life education class

$150           Impaired Driver~ 20 hour Prime for Life education class

$150 price for 20hr class is a reduced fee. Please see below for eligibility requirements and details

$60             Care Management Fee (per month)

$350           Out of state DWI Program Fee

$75              Administrative Fee

$75              Re-opening File/Case Fee (only applicable regarding the following programs: IDIP, Phase II, and MOP)

*The administrative fees apply when changing or cancelling appointments with less than 24 hour notice, arriving late to an appointment or class, arriving to an appointment under the influence etc.

We do not accept personal checks, however, we do accept Visa/MasterCard, bank check, or money order (made out to Southeastern NH Services) for all IDCMP program component services except for the $70.00 state administrative fee. This fee must be paid by a bank, cashier’s check, or money order made out to “Treasurer-State of New Hampshire”.

Reduced Fee Payment Information

An IDCMP client shall be eligible for a reduced fee if they are a New Hampshire Resident, and provide documentation that indicates that they are currently receiving one of the following state or federal assistance benefits:

  • TANF (temporary assistance to needy families),
  • SSD (social security disability),
  • SSI (supplemental security income),
  • APTD (aid to the permanently and totally disabled) or old age assistance

For information regarding the Impaired Driver Care Management Program at our agency please contact us at (603) 516-8160.

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