1. Do you take insurance? We do not take insurance. All of our treatment services are based on a sliding scale which is based on Federal Poverty Guidelines. No one is denied admission to treatment services   because of financial reasons.
  2. How long is the inpatient program? The short term residential treatment program generally runs 28 days. depending on individual needs.  This program provides assessment, motivational counseling, and treatment preparation. The research is very clear that stabilization without treatment only leads to relapse. The sobriety maintanance program was developed to keep individuals in a safe, sober environent while they wait for treatment placement.
  3. Do you have waiting lists? Most of our programs do have waiting lists. Our residential services have the most extensive and persistent waiting list. Clients applying for these services are evaluated according to acuity on a daily basis, and asked to maintain contact multiple times daily because openings can occur unexpectedly. Individuals in acute distress are referred to  local hospital emergency services.
  4. Will I be given medication to help me detox? Each client is evaluated for  potential acute withdrawal. When assessed as in need of  medication management for withdrawal it is prescribed under the supervision of a Physician who is a Certified Addictionologist.
  5. Can I work while in residential treatment? While in the intensive phases of our treatment programs (detoxification, sobriety maintanance, short term intensive residential) individuals do not leave the premises. Clients in the transitional living program (Turning Point) are expected to work.
  6. Can I make phone calls whole in residential treatment? There is structured phone availability while in detox and short term treatment. Focus is on treatment, and significant involvement in outside issue is discouraged.
  7. Can I have visitors? Once a client has completed the short term treatment program, significant others are encouraged to become involved in our family education program. Visiting is structured around that program schedule.
  8. Is the Drug Court Intensive Outpatient Open to Anyone? This program is only open to individuals who have been refered by the Strafford County Drug Court.
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